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THE.LAST fan community.

THE.LAST ☆ ex.Heaven's
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THE.LAST fans.

Vo. Yui Gu. Kouji Dr. Tarou


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Just like any other livejournal community out there, this community has its own small set of rules, too. They are not, however, complicated, but rather based on common sense, and the purpose is simply to help us keep the community a cool place for everyone to be in. And, of course, to make sure that people at least try to support THE.LAST.

★ All kinds of information, news, scans, fanart, media etc. is very welcome, but please keep media posts members locked.

★ You may post mp3s and videos in the community; however, you are NOT allowed to request for them.

★ Fanfics and advertisements for roleplaying/fanfic communities are not allowed.

★ If you absolutely have to advertise another community, make sure it's somehow related to THE.LAST and that you keep pictures larger than 400px under an lj-cut.

★ Be courteous, don't start a flame war, etc. You all know how this works.

★ Feel free to introduce yourself. :) But remember, introductions that have more than just "hi, i'm [insert name] from [insert country], nice to meet you!" are better!


The layout and userinfo were both coded and all the pictures used were scanned by me, karmik.

If you have any questions regarding the band or the community, feel free to contact me at karmik@livejournal.com.